Think TRG Specialties

Think TRG (Technical Resource Group) offers you expertise in Multivalue database products and Windows, AIX and Linux operating systems.

Other Think TRG specialties include:

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Web Integration & Implementation

Think TRG has worked with over 400 clients, the majority being located on the West Coast. Our customer base ranges from singer user installs to installations with over 1000 users. No matter your organization’s size, Think TRG has the resources and expertise to service your IT needs.

State of the Art Support

Our staff of professional software analysts and programmers will assist you with reliable service and support. Our new call tracking system and cognitive problem solving software allow us to resolve your problems quickly and accurately. Our support hotline provides assistance for Pick Systems and Microsoft and assures the best support available in the Pick industry.

Think TRG (Technical Resource Group) provides services in a variety of formats-

  • Individual Project based ie large integrations, migrations, conversions, software development
  • By demand (on an as needed basis) ie minor programming tasks and support items
  • Staff augmentation (normally a full time resource) ie maintenance programming, system administration
  • Direct hire ie assistance in locating an IT resource employee
  • Web based technologies projects


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Data Conversions

Frequently, data must be converted from an application in one database environment such as D3, Universe and Unidata to another application that exists in another database environment such as SQL Server. These conversion projects may be necessary due to the following:

Migration from a legacy system to an applicaton software package such as Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
Data consolidations
Creation of data warehouses/data marts
Internal financial pressures
Industry consolidation due to mergers& acquisitions
Foreign currency concerns

The structure of the Pick/MultiValue database is very unique and not widely understood by technical people outside of the Pick/MultiValue world. Only a Pick/MultiValue professional like those at TRG understand the data format and how the data is relationally structured in this environment. This understanding is critical in the process needed to migrate the data properly to the new database or desired file format.

TRG has done many data conversions to a variety of formats and new application packages. TRG will work with the new software vendor and/or the company’s IT staff to provide the data in the desired format.


Fully integrated business process solutions enable your business to be more profitable and grow faster. Database integration automates business processes that cross enterprise boundaries such as quote-to-order, Internet-based customer services and supply chain management. Our industry experience and technical expertise allows us to provide our customers with integrated business process solutions specifically designed for their business.


TRG’s expertise has been used in the migration and upgrading of over 400 customer systems. Migration services include transferring your Pick/MultiValue-based application and database over to the latest version of the Pick/MultiValue Database Environment running on the latest technology in hardware. Most of these systems are migrating to either UNIX or a Windows® platform. Migration services also includes migration from legacy application software packages to mainstream application software packages such such as Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). We believe that our experience and successes in migration is unmatched!

Custom Development

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Supplemental Staffing

Many organizations are implementing technology migrations, new initiatives and other projects that are straining information technology (IT) resources. In some cases, personnel are being pulled from other, equally important development projects or from support departments to meet these staffing demands. In other cases, organizations are going without the needed IT resources because of the high cost of hiring additional permanent personnel.

Does this describe your current situation? Are you looking for a better way to staff for your project needs? Then let Technical Resource Group (TRG) help you find the quality personnel you need to get your project completed!

What TRG Offers?

Through TRG’s Supplemental Staffing Services, we can provide the support needed for your IT projects. Our wide range of trained and experienced technical and project resources includes:

Systems Engineers
Software Developers/Programmers
Project Coordinators
Team Leaders
Project Managers

Our personnel have completed technical training and received certification in the latest networking technologies, to provide you with the tools and technical support to get your project completed. Additionally, our project managers are fully trained in project management procedures and systems. Their experience and training will help you meet the ultimate objective of your project – completion on time and within budget! Our Supplemental Staffing Services program allows you to have the IT personnel you need, when you need them. TRG provides personnel who are matched to the scope of your project and who fit your work schedule.

Web Development

TRG can web enable your Pick/MultiValue database environment or other relational database, providing you and your customers browser-based internet access to your data. When connected to a web page form, a database can produce customized results tailored to a user’s query, even providing systematic control over a website’s organization or appearance. Interactive database applications can put the information your customers need at their fingertips without putting a drain on your resources, and can free up valuable staff time for other operations.

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